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Contempt/Rule Nisi Petitions

Contempt/Rule Nisi Petitions

Often times Contempt Rule Nisi petitions occur when an individual is not honoring their side of the bargain. Whether it is a spouse not paying child support, violating the terms of visitation, or refusing to make alimony/spousal-support payments (to name a few), it is important to have a skillful lawyer to ensure agreements and/or judgments are being followed. If your ex-spouse or not so significant other is not complying with court-ordered requirements, don't just lie down and take it. There are many ways to ensure these obligations are met. In addition, often times Dixon Law can not only obtain retribution, but also procure attorney's fees from the opposing party.

In Alabama, Contempt/Rule Nisi Petitions involve filing a claim against a former spouse and/or parent for failure to comply with a court order. Below is a list of issues commonly involved in Contempt Rule Nisi Petitions:

  • Failure to pay child support
  • Failure to comply with visitation conditions
  • Withholding of awarded monies and/or property
  • Disparaging the other parent
  • Prohibiting communications with a parent and their child
  • Not paying court-ordered insurance
  • Any and all other obligations court-ordered

If the other party is not holding up their end, don't sit there and take it! Failure to comply with court-orders can have a devastating result. From recouping lack of payments and retrieving attorney's fees to even possible imprisonment, it is important to hire a skillful, knowledgeable and experience attorney to handle these issues. Call Dixon Law today for a free consultation. Let Mr. Dixon ensure you are receiving what you are entitled!

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